Homesteading Adventures 

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Herbal Tinctures

After foraging fresh herbs from the pasture we return to the main lodge to make teas, tinctures or whatever uses we can come up with. On our foraging adventures you will be pleasantly surprised to find wonderful uses for herbs and plants you once thought were just weeds. This is one of the experiences included in the Homesteading Experience Adventure. We have these foraging and tincture making classes regularly. Foraging is free and tincture making varies due to supplies (usually $5-$15) and you take home the jar of tincture you made and any herbs you collected.

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Felting is one of the easiest things you can do with alpaca fiber. After shearing our alpacas in the spring, we use the fiber to make felt balls, hats and other felted projects. The price will depend on the project. Most will run from $15-$30 

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Another use for our alpaca fiber is the art of spinning. There are several methods of spinning but my personal favorite is the drop spindle. Come enjoy this lost art and figure out what method is your favorite. This is one of the experiences included in the Homesteading Experience Adventure. Should you choose to only want to learn to spin, just give me a call and we will see what we can do. 

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Bees and Honey

There is always something buzzing around the bee hives. Learning how the honey extracting process works is just one of the many things you can learn about and it is the most tasty. Bees are vital to humanity and there are so many things to learn about them and the uses of their honey and the wax they produce. There is no charge to learn about the bees or for honey tasting. There is honey and other products to purchase in season. 

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Soap Making

Weather you make the soap with fresh goat's milk or recently foraged herbs, this is always a clean hit with everyone. Soap making is a fun adventure that will leave you lathered up and ready for the next one. This is included in a "homesteading experience" or you can have a class. Classes are 15$ and you can choose from our selections what kind of soap you make.  Discounts for groups of 7 or more.

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Horse Riding

Horses are a favorite here weather you choose to ride or pet them. We offer horse riding adventures in a controlled environment for those without a horse. For those more advanced horse riding guests who wish to bring their own horses, there are lots of trails and wonderful adventures to be had on our 500 plus acres. (This can be included as on of the "experiences" for the Homesteading Experience. The price for the complete homesteading experience is $200 for a two day one night stay. We do have custom prices/packages)

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Kids and Family Adventures

Getting outdoors is top on our list and we encourage those who come out to do the same. With lots of activities, it is hard to pass up. Shown here in the picture, we had a sling shot class followed by a birthday party where a little competitive BB gun competition was underway. All activities are very controlled and safety is always put first. The prices of these adventures vary with each event. Please call for details or to schedule a birthday party, clubs/scouts campouts, retreats or other group adventures. 

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Relaxing Getaway

Sometimes all you want is a relaxing getaway. With our huge wrap around porch and a private jacuzzi tub in your suite, this is the place to be. You can watch the sun rise with a cup of coffee on the porch swing or spend the evening watching the chickens peck the ground till the sun goes down. You will wake to a home cooked breakfast even if you choose to sleep in. This is not a hotel so breakfast is still an option if you choose to sleep till noon. 

$100.00/night.. Get the whole homesteading experience for an additional $100 and includes two days of homesteading experiences (listed above and next) along with your choice of make it take it projects.

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Other Experiences and Adventures

Other experiences include fishing, noodling, kayaking, hiking, swimming, jeep tour of the Red River, animal encounters, goat milking, egg collecting and or gardening. Get the whole homesteading experience for $200 and includes two days and one night of homesteading experiences along with your choice of make it take it projects.

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