My Herbal Adventures

Good morning everyone! It’s Kate here at Fortress of Faith. I want to share with you a bit about my Herbal journey. One of the many constants in my life has been plants. As a child I would scramble to find the first flowers of spring. When my family would travel (even if just to town) I would beg my Mom to stop on the side of the road so I could pick a flower or two. She would always oblige. ┬áSome of the first flowers I could put a name to were the Primrose (we called it a buttercup because when you go to smell it, it puts a soft dust of yellow on your nose that looks like butter) and the Indian Paintbrush (scientific name Castilleja).

Now that I’m older, I still adore the wildflowers. My wedding 10 years ago was even scheduled around when the wild flowers were in bloom. But I never really understood the huge significance of these beautiful plants that God created until about 6 years ago. Continue reading “My Herbal Adventures”